Green Globe has all the  supplies that Canadians need for the protection, use and sale of  products. Our online store features new products on a regular basis, staying up to date on top  supplies in Canada such as high quality  packaging, and other essential supplies.


 Shop owners can find high quality  packaging supplies like our mylar bags, child proof glass jars, plastic containers, pop top bottles, 13-30 dram bottles, reversible cap vials,  containers and other  packaging.


Take your products and  supplies to the next level by working with our team to create custom packaging and compliant labels for your brand. We offer custom packaging for plastic containers, glass jars, mylar bags, bubble mailing bags, and other packages.


Green Globe’s medical supplies help Canada’s medical  users to use and store their prescriptions with a range of high quality syringes, glass jars, pop top containers and cases, depending on how you prefer to administer and store your medication.

Phone: (604) – 461 – 3680

Email: Info@greenglobesupplies.com

Address:   Port Coquitlam, BC